I HATE People

Schoolyard, here we are again. Woop woop. NOT.

God I hate people. People in the supermarket, people on the street, people in the tube, but ESPECIALLY people in and around school.

‘Good morning’, ‘Oh HIII’, ‘Hey’,… Ugh.


I prefer staring at the floor so I don’t need to greet anybody. But I know (out of experience) that way you knock over at least three little kids, so that’s not a option (their parents thought, I don’t care that much).

Two possibilities left. One: look as cranky as humanly possible, so no one even dares saying hello. But that gives me wrinkles and than I have to do BOTOX again and that wasn’t my biggest hit.

Two: put on a happy face and wish everyone a SUPERgoodmorning back. But in the morning I am not capable to fake happiness.

So that leaves running through the school (avoiding the little ones), throwing children into their classrooms and race home as soon as possible. Five days a week, forty weeks a year….

If that is no MAJOR disaster.




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